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wow, it’s been quite some time since I posted a review ;;; anyways, today I will be reviewing this owl shoulder bag I bought from gezeng on ebay for ~$7 (thought the price has gone up since I bought it)

the package arrived about 2.5 weeks and came in this plastic bag. there wasn’t any bubble wrap and the plastic bag was a bit ripped up, but no harm done to the actual purse.

the owl bag was also wrapped in another layer of clear plastic


the color I got was khaki, but it also comes in red, pink, orange, green, and black.

without the flap (it’s look kind of funny, haha)

the back side of the flap

inside the bag there was a hunk of foam, which I’m assuming is so that it didn’t lose it’s shape during shipping

and it also included the strap to the bag itself. brown on one side, black on the other

and if you were curious as to how much it could hold:

t holds all my keys, compact mirror, oil blotting sheets, mini hand sanitizer, eye drops, chapstick, ipod, phone, glasses, and wallet. there was quite a bit of room for more, but these are all the things I keep on me at all times.

overall: ★★★★☆

I really do love the bag a lot, especially since it’s sooo cute and you can wear it with a ton of casual outfits. plus, the price was extremely affordable and shipping time was reasonable. The only downside is that I find the fabric (or faux leather) to be kind of thin and I’m rather worried about how long this bag is going to last, so I’m going to have to be cautious of how much I put inside.

ootd, maybe?

if you would like to purchase this bag, click here! thanks for reading ^^

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